The Losers are Winners

It's been a long while since I've seen a movie that doesn't stink. We've been tricked into renting and watching MANY awful movies over the last few months but FINALLY we found a winner. I hadn't heard of it before but Marc said he vaguely remembered seeing trailers for it. 

First off, the cast is (for the most part) friggin' GORGEOUS! As I was watching it, I was surprised it didn't get a larger advertising budget because I would have seen it solely for the hotties. 

Columbus Short, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chris Evans, Oh MY! That Zoe Saldana ain't no slouch either (sorry other actors, buuuuuuut you just don't do it for me...no offence). 

It was a fairly typical CIA-like plot, but the script was seriously witty and the action scenes were GREAT! The fighting scenes weren't gross or gory and it takes place in LOTS of different locations around the world. I love when movies are set in Europe and this one literally goes from one side of the globe to the other (and they let you know where they are with "Lost-like" suspended words, which I'm obsessed with for some reason). The part I loved MOST though, was the character Aisha who KICKS ASS throughout the ENTIRE FILM! She didn't have to be "saved" ONCE! In fact, (mild spoiler alert) she's the one who saves the boys in the end. Loves it!

So if you like funny action movies with quick witted dialogue, I highly recommend it!

(also, I have some AMAZING friends coming to visit me for the next FIVE GLORIOUS DAYS and as such, I won't be posting much but will return with WONDERFUL stories about our adventures next week)


  1. i watched this movie in august last year and i loooved it! it was an amazing movie with a hot cast.
    i loved the beginning scene where they were trying to rescue the kids on a plane but failed unfortunately :(
    nice blog :)

  2. Wow, AUGUST? I'm more than a little behind then!

    Thanks kitkat!

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