Wii Don't Know Jack

Since the G4 channel has started showing reruns of "The Office," I've learned that the Wii has a bad rap among video game aficionados. I don't understand their beefs though because I vehemently LOVE ours! I'd say that there isn't a week that goes by where I don't pick out something to play. Recently, I was at our local video rental place and picked up a game called "You Don't Know Jack." The back of the game had 2 quotes that caught my eye:

Humiliate your competition

Screw your friends

I forgot to mention that I was at the store in the middle of JaWECA and that JaWECA participants are all about screwing each other...wait...that sounds "off"...

ANYWAY, I rented the game and when we started playing it, we were hooked immediately. Most trivia games have questions based on commonly-known facts. This game, though is NOT like THAT!

Some questions included putting names of things into 2 categories. For instance, they'd show you a variety of names that you'd have to decide were either the name of a brand of ranch salad dressing or the name of a legal brothel in Nevada. "Aunt Emma's Creamy Ranch" nearly killed me. 

It was fairly crazy in between the questions as well, with candid stories and strange voices. I'd say that it's a fair bet the creators of this game took frequent "breaks" behind the dumpsters in the back parking lot. There were times that we'd run out of time before answering because we'd be re-reading the question so many times, trying to figure out what we had to figure out. Once, the narrator told a really long story that we weren't paying attention to, but then had to answer questions about. It was like a Grade 5 book report gone VERY WRONG, which was reinforced when the narrator called us an "idiot" or "loser"  after picking the wrong answer. 

In short, it was HILARIOUS! Not at all boring and IMPOSSIBLE to really be "good" at. Although we sucked the big one when it came to scores in the end, we rushed to get ready the morning that we needed to get to the airport JUST so we could play one last time.

It also gives suggestions for your names. We had Napoleon, Corcky, Meaty Ochre and Ms Turnips. Ballin'

As you can see, "Napoleon" took it with MINUS $4,575, confirming that we don't know JACK. It's the kind of game where you can be up by a lot one moment and then way in the negative in the next. The last round is so confusing that it was always a complete surprise who came out on top. I love games that aren't predictable and this is the MOST unpredictable game EVER!

If you have a Wii, or any system that has the game, GO RENT IT RIGHT NOW! 

Seriously, GO!

UPDATE: Corcky has pointed out that he kicked major ass in the first few rounds and would like some props. *hands bag of props to Corcky*

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