Dear Headbands:

It pains me considerably, but I think that it's time for me to give up on you. I wouldn't have thought that my head was so BIG that it would require a couture headpiece, but apparently it does. Although it cuts my soul to admit it, I've heard that the first step is admitting your problem. Okay...here goes...

My name is Jennie...and I have an ENORMOUS head. 

So many times, I've seen magazine shots of the boho-chic look and I crave to emmulate the style, but alas, it doesn't seem to be my lot in life. Each time I order a headband or try one on in a store, I get an instantaneous migraine.

For example, this headband would leave serious indents on my forehead and I'd end up feeling like Sylar from Heros had just paid me a visit. 

Sure, I've tried to cut them up, add more elastic or stretch the fabrics to the brink of tearing, but the same headache always remains. Sometimes there's one that feels all right at first, but then it sneaks up the back of my head and eventually snaps off. There's just TOO MUCH pressure from my big sexy brain (obviously). Not even soaking the problem in vodka can dull the pain.

Ah, the basic headband that cuts directly into the sides of my head...causing me to feel like someone's fingers are digging their way under my scalp.

Whether it's plastic, elastic, fabric or ribbon...at the end of the day, they're all too small. *sigh*

So I bid you adieu, lovely feathered, beaded and sparkly headbands. Until there's a plus-sized headband designer, I believe our days are done.

What I wouldn't give to be an Olsen twin with a tiny noggin'. 


  1. i'm a new follower!! found you through the lovely meg o.
    alas i too try the headband look ending in a very low success rate, glad to know i'm not the only one who loves them\gets a blasting headache when i wear them. love your blog!!

    Serenity and Style

  2. Hi Mary! Thanks for following! I'm (not) sad to say that I'm DELIGHTED you have the same problem. There's power in numbers so maybe plus-sized headbands will come on the market with enough of us! I'll start the petition! *grabs pencil* ;)


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