Early Morning Hatefulness

Ever had one of those mornings where you so frustrated that you seriously contemplate stabbing someone in the eye with a stalk of overpriced celery until they get out of your way?

Anyone? No? Well it just must be me then.

I'm usually pretty good at letting the small things roll off my back (a silver lining to having the Black Lung - not my technical diagnosis but I like how it sounds) but this morning...MAN...I feel like the world is working against me.

So, first thing, I didn't have a great night's sleep. This usually wouldn't be a problem, since I take daily naps anyway, but the lack of proper REM meant I woke up with my cranky-pants on tight. I get downstairs to let the dogs out of their crate and feed them breakfast and then moved onto making Marc's morning smoothie and lunch. At 6:50 A.M., I called up to Marc to hurry up so we could leave by 7:00.

His response? "Oh, I don't have to be on the job site till 8:00."

Let me back up for a moment. Last Wednesday, Marc returned home from work WITHOUT his company van and phone. His company's slow for work and his boss lent him out to another company until he can secure some more jobs. The seriously bad new though, is that this temporary gig didn't give him a vehicle SO that means that either I have to drive him to work (and pick him up) or be here without a car, all day. Before this morning, he had to be at the new job site for 7:15 A.M. 

Waking up AN HOUR earlier than I needed to in order to make HIM breakfast and lunch while he's taking a leisurely shower and NOT telling me of the change was INFURIATING! 

THEN, I had to go to the grocery store because everything's closed for Good Friday tomorrow and my grocery NEMESIS appeared. Let me be clear. I HATE these people.


They're a seriously overweight couple with a new baby who use TWO carts as well as pushing their baby in the most ENORMOUS stroller I've ever seen (I only mention their size so you understand how much space their bodies, plus two carts, plus a stroller makes). They bicker, nit-pick at each other, and the baby basically cries the whole time. I've run into them a lot, and as much as I try to avoid them, they seem to sense the exact location of where I need to go to next and then BLOCK the aisle COMPLETELY. Not ONLY did they block me several times this morning (and then don't say sorry when I ask them to move their caravan parade) but then ended up in front of me at the checkout and argued about a THIRTY CENT discount on some corn. 

I've never wanted to throw tomatoes at someone more and even though I bought the fancy ones, it would've been SO worth it. (I also felt like the cashier would have given me a high-five and free replacement tomatoes. Just sayin')

The cherry on top of my sucky sundae aka Thursday morning? On my way home, I got stuck behind a tractor that was moving at approximately 30km BELOW the posted speed limit, and therefore, took me an INSANELY LONG time to get home because he NEVER pulled over to let the LONG stream of traffic pass him.

Now it's 9:23 A.M. and I'm home. I may need to go back to bed so I can have a morning-do-over as I'm not terribly comfortable in these cranky-pants. They're at LEAST two sizes too small. 


Okay, I feel better now.

*takes deep breathe*

Thanks for listening (reading). 

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