Election Reflections

Believe it or not, Canada is in the midst of yet ANOTHER Federal election. Since I turned eighteen, I feel like I’ve voted like a THOUSAND times. Fine, maybe not a thousand but they’re supposed to happen every FOUR YEARS, not of every four minutes – I kid, I kid. Not that my vote ever really counts though because nobody I’ve ever voted for has been elected.  

As such, it’d be easy for me to think that my vote doesn’t matter. Well rest assured; I don’t think that at all. I’m disappointed to say though, that the main four parties are kind of a “same crap, different pile” deal, with the exception of the Bloc Quebecois of course (but they really only care about Quebec). That being said, I still tuned in to the debate last night although I only lasted about thirty-five minutes before a Big Bang Theory repeat became more appealing.

None of the party leaders had anything interesting to say. I somewhat keep up with governmental happenings and there was NO new information. Left with a wandering mind, I started to look at the candidates and was left with the following thoughts.

Who the hell designed the set? It was like an elementary-school-spelling-bee from 1987. Yellow, black and grey? Um aren’t our colours RED and WHITE? Also, what was with the constant ECHO? Fire the sound and set crew IMMEDIATELY.

Worst. Set. Ever.

Why don’t we have any good-looking leaders? Gilles resembles the wedding planner from Father of the Bride (I kept waiting for him to say “he wants the cheap chicken”), Jack’s kind of short and old (he’s a grandfather, which he told the nation last night), Stephen’s hair looks like a piece and Michael has the worst teeth EVER. I mentioned to Marc that if the Liberals win I’d be game for Mike using some of my tax dollars for caps. Marc’s response was that he should have to pay for them himself but he supported the dental work concept. Also, whoever did their makeup needs to be FIRED as they all looked chalky and orange.

Gilles aka Franck Eggelhoffer. Blue tuxado anyone?
Grandpappy Jack

Okay, so this picture is HILARIOUS. He should have brought that kitten to the debate. Yes, he is our CURRENT Prime Minister.
Truth be told, it was difficult for me to get a shot of his teeth. The fact that he keeps his mouth closed tells me that he's aware of his dental situation.

Why didn’t the other party leaders INSIST that Elizabeth from the Green Party participate in the debate? I think it would have been MUCH more interesting with her there.

Where, exactly, were the leaders looking while debating? It wasn’t at each other and it wasn’t at the camera.

Who decided on the host? It would have been VERY SMART to put a handsome dude or pretty gal in that spot because, frankly, eye candy is sometimes the deciding factor on whether people will sit through the mud-slinging. Also, the host SUCKED at keeping the leaders on-topic. By SUCKED I mean DID NOTHING, but whatever.

Steve Paiken. Sorry, but you're not very cute either. 

So yeah, in the brief thirty-five consecutive minutes, followed by five-minute intervals during commercial breaks on other networks, I’m not really sure why we’re even having an election. Nobody is talking about doing things differently, if you really listen to them. Plus it’s not like there’s been a majority government here in, like, FOREVER….so no matter what happens in this election, things will most likely REMAIN THE SAME. Except for the MANY WASTED tax dollars required for a Federal election….in a recession….awesome leadership guys.

*sighs deeply*


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