First Impression Fail

As you read in my previous post, it's election time in Canada. As such, every time I drive around town, I see campaign posters. I've always wondered why campaign photos (and realtor photos for that matter) were so unattractive. If I was running for office (or trying to sell a house) I'd want to have the BEST picture possible. After all, it's how people see you for the first time. 

Keep that in mind as you look at the following picture.

Oh Kelly, NO!

This is probably one of the WORST pictures I've seen so far. I actually drove home to get my camera and swung back by in order to get the shot.

Why is she looking to the side? Is she worried about someone sneaking next to the photographer?

Does she even WANT to win? She looks annoyed, kind of indifferent...and there's just a splash of "you're an idiot." She must be a mother because only a Mom can give a look like this.  

No smile usually means either bad teeth or a bad personality. You all know how I feel about bad teeth in politics. A bad personality though, can't be as easily fixed. 

In terms of personal style, I'd give ole Kel a 5/10. Her hair's all right, I guess, but she should have seen that it looks like one side is DRASTICALLY shorter than the other and her eyebrows need to be filled in. The blazer-red-shirt- combo could be improved as well. 

I could totally start a photography company that specializes in KICK-ASS campaign (and realtor) photos. Seriously, I'd be a millionaire and everyone would look MUCH BETTER! Regardless of your degree of cute-ness, it's entirely possible to look like a friendly person.

As much as I may WANT to vote Liberal, I don't want a total beotch representing me. If you can't smile in a photograph that's meant to RALLY your supporters then there's a problem. Based on this picture, I would NEVER want to talk to Kelly as I fear my questions would be met with this bitchy stare...followed by a long and uncomfortable silence. 

If this were Twitter, all there'd be left to say is #FAIL.

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