Grandma's Bread

Here's the deal. My sick alter-ego, aptly named DOLORES, has reared her bitchy little head and, as such, I haven't have much on the go lately. LUCKILY, the last time I made some bread, I took ample pictures. I'm not sure if she'd be down with me giving out the recipe, so I'm not going to share it. This one's close though....

So, without further adieu, I present:

My Grandma's Bread: Kind of a pain in the ass but soooooo worth it.

Here's what ya need (plus sugar, but I forgot to put it in the pic).

Scald the milk. Yes, scalding isn't exactly necessary these days...but I do it anyway. 

This is how you know it's been scalded -- a large brown crusted bottom that requires quite a bit of elbow grease to clean.
In the meantime, proof the yeast so it's nice and pouffy.

Throw in the sugar, butter & salt with the hot milk. Let cool until lukewarm.

Then add the yeast, flour, egg and knead until it the dough is shiny and smooth.

Not so smooth here but it's shiny!

Cover and let rise for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Then it'll look like this.

Punch it down. This is the FUNNEST PART!

Divide into two equal balls and let rest for ten minutes.

Roll them out and place them in a greased and seeded (I used one poppy and one sesame this time) pans.

35 minutes later they look like this!

It's mean because you have to wait until it's cooled slightly or you'll PAY LATER. 

So there you have it. No bread machine required! Plus there's no bad stuff (aside from the delicious yet slightly poisonous white flour....but no preservatives is a good thing). 


  1. That is the most beautiful bread I have ever seen and I immediately want to eat the entire loaf. I mean, you DID bake them for me, right? GREATTTT I'll be waiting by the mailbox all day. Thanks, friend! :)

  2. Oh Andrea, thanks dude! The loaves have a small life expectancy around here cause we support THICK slices!

    Also, I feel that the addition of "n" to your name makes you look EXTRA PROFESSIONAL. I like it.


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