Harvick the Ham

A friend of mine had to fly home suddenly on Wednesday so I'm dog-sitting her pug, Harvick. We got off to a slightly bumpy start but things have smoothed out since he ended his hunger strike and stopped attempting to escape (He'd break free from his tied leash only to hang out on the back deck). He's more work than our two boys, and having THREE dogs to myself for the last two days has been exhausting. It's the weekend now and Marc's here, so today will be a lot easier.

I've never really spent time with a Pug before, so I didn't know they were the Jim Carrey dogs. For reals. Every time I'd take a picture of Harvick, he looked totally different. 


Better still is my interpretation of what Harvick was thinking. This kept me entertained for a good chunk of yesterday afternoon.

"Where's my Mommy?" This was day one. 

"My face tastes good. I lick it a LOT"

"I'm not super jazzed about being tied to this leash. I think I'll (almost) escape soon."

"Running around in circles makes me soooooo tired."

"I appreciate that you want to hang out but quit touching me." (Harvick moved the MOMENT Pepi made contact...it was pretty funny)

I think that I've taken about 200 pictures of Harvick since he got here. I'm OBSESSED! Our boys pretty much look the same, but Harvick is endlessly entertaining to photograph. Plus, I SWEAR that when I take the camera out now, he starts posing on purpose, thusly becoming...

Harvick the Ham!

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  1. Pugs are hilarious! My mom's dog is part pug (shes a puggle) and she is quite the diva.


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