It's a Bird, No It's A Plane, No...

Even though Marc and I were on vacation, it didn't take away my need for a midday nap. Thankfully, Baby Bro didn't have to work during our visit, so they'd hang out while I snoozed. When I came back to Baby Bro's apartment, this is what I found.

In my absence, these two strapping men went out and purchased tiny remote control helicopters. Apparently they have a tendency to break and/or catch on fire.

So the gears had to be (a) found and (b) replaced. It was tricky.

Then they were back up and flying!

Ah, there's nothing like a little male-bonding. 

The chopper above is the one that caught on fire. The men went to exchange it for a new one and Baby Bro decided to upgrade to the slightly larger one. Mostly because when the heat-pump in his condo starts, anything that's in the air gets thrown against a wall...and then crashes behind the bookcase. The new one has more POWER though, so the gale-force wind isn't a big deal. 

Taking pictures of them flying around was a great way for me to practice with my camera too. It was a win-win. 

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