10 Best Things Ever

Andrea over at a steady stream of chatter tagged me in a little game called: List Your Top 10 Favourite Things (I may have made up the title, but you get the theme). As such, I spent the weekend wearing my thinking cap and believe that I've assembled a fairly solid list. I thought that I'd do a countdown, but putting them in order of awesome-ness was impossible. Therefore...they're in no particular order.

Let's start with the obvious. Coming in at #1...The Hubby (okay, after him they really aren't in any order).

We had a MARC-artia party for him this weekend and he LOVED his glasses, obviously. 

#2 - Sally Hansen nail stickers

#3 - Moustaches. Any style. Any colour. 

Most recently, GIANT moustaches. Also, finding people who love moustaches as much as I love moustaches makes the moustaches better. These ladies in particular are pretty amazing. Fact. 

#4 - Books by Chelsea Handler
My Horizontal Life left me in stitches, Are You There Vodka was hilarious and I'm currently almost through Bang, Bang, which is the best yet. Strap on some adult diapers and crack one open. 

#5 - Skype conversations with my Rapunzel-haired friend in Australia. It's usually the morning for me, which means that she's drunk on a bus coming home from a bar and messaging me to see if I'm up. Then we throw on our fake fur coats (wooly mammoth for her and a cheetah shrug for me) and have an international hash-out of her night. There's nothing like a little slurry slit-eyed conversation first thing in the morning with one of the best people I know to really start my day off right.  

#6 - Befunky.com - just go there and you'll understand how addicting it is!

This is one of our wedding shots that looks SUPER COOL now. 

#7 - The T-fal not-really-a-deep-fryer-but-makes-delicious-fries-anyway ActiFry

It's expensive but if you love fries just as much as skinny jeans then it's a must-have item. Not only does it make delicious crunchy potatoes but also one of the best versions of pineapple chicken curry. Sure, it stains slightly after the spice-fest but it's delicious and therefore worth the extra effort in cleaning the turny-thingy right away. 

#8 - The Sun
It's been a while since I've seen it, but I hope to get reacquainted with the beaming glory soon. 

#9 - Floating down the river

In direct relation to #8, my favourite part about summers here is shoving some drinks in a cooler, lounging in an oversized inner tube and floating down the river. It's just like the one at Canada's Wonderland except it's in nature and beer drinking is encouraged. Is it summer yet?

#10 - Pepi and The Pickle

I get that I'm biased but he's basically the cutest puppy-who-thinks-he's-a-cat ever. Yes, he's LICKING his toy while staring off into space. That's how he rolls. 

The Pickle is a total ham for the cam(era) and is moderately obsessed with his teeny tiny tennis ball. 

So there you go! A list of ten the Best Things EVER!

Hmmm...who to tag...WHO TO TAG?

I pick:

Julie at downtime because I suspect her top ten list will have something to do with cool interior designs and Mad Men-inspiried furnishings and I LOVE looking at pretty things. 

Nikki at Fashionable Wife because she has a theme post on Fridays happening already and I love checking them out (but you're QUITE busy right now Nikki so there's NO PRESSURE ;) ). 

Diana at What Is It All About? because she's my MOTHER and as a new blogger probably needs some posting ideas. I'm not joking; this is seriously my Mum's blog. 


  1. YAY FOR FAVORITE THINGS! And this is a fabulous list, might I add. :) I, too, love mustaches (and beards!), nut I have yet to read a Chelsea Handler book (although I'm DYING to read them all!).

  2. I really need to read Chelsea Handler's books!

    Sadly, I did not have as much luck with the Salley Hansen Nail Effects. :(

  3. andrea - next step IS stick-on beards! We're all about taking things to the next level.

    Heather - Boo! I'm SO SAD they didn't work out for you!

    I finished Tina Fey's "Bossypants" last night and almost died laughing, so there's another funny lit recommendation for you both!

  4. I just got to read this post and I LOVE IT!!! I want my hubs to have beer glasses!! And I can't believe your mom has a blog!! That is awesome!! My mom doesn't even READ my blog!!


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