Bad News (we've got) Bears (again)

Last spring, Marc and I learned MANY things about living in a forest. During the summer, nature upped her ante when we discovered black bears were trying to break into our shed. Deers, bunny rabbits and the occasional porcupine are cool, but BEARS are SCARY. 
Marc was driving home from work last Thursday and called to say that he saw a momma bear and her cub cross the road ahead of him, just a few kilometres from our house. I guess that the Bear Busters didn't do a great job at getting the bears from last year because THIS is what we woke up to this morning.

This is where the bird feeder used to hang. 

Now it's 20' away and on the ground.

The poor thing didn't stand a chance.

The boys didn't want to leave the porch this morning and we couldn't figure out why. I guess when you're five pounds, you have a keen sense for LARGE PREDATORS. 


  1. Oh my gosh, how frightening!

  2. Marc was more pissed off that his fancy-pants bird eater got destroyed...haha! We haven't seen them around since so hopefully they've gone off to bother someone else...or get shot...cause it's hunting season here. Yiiiiiiiikes. (we don't hunt, just to be clear...ick)


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