Invisible Fences

Who's got two thumbs and got shocked by our electric fence?

I'll give you a hint: it wasn't me, but another person who lives here. 

Our furry babies, Pepi and The Pickle, are wonderful little boys who, if given the opportunity, would run away and probably get hit by a car or puppy-napped. As soon as that front door opens - BAM - they're off. In our other houses, it wasn't as big of a deal but we live in a forest now and "eaten by a wild animal," is a distinct possibility. Because you can't just tell a dog, "Hey, you're gonna get EATEN if you run away," we installed an invisible electric fence.

A friend of mine, who's a cleaner version of Ke$ha, thought that she wouldn't be able to visit when we put it in...you know, because she'd get electrocuted walking from her car to our front door. Have I mentioned that I love Cleaner Ke$ha?

Only the dogs, when wearing their pronged collars, get a shock if they cross the line after a series of warning beeps. After almost a year of invisible confinement, having the weight of the collar is enough to remind them, so sometimes we don't turn the collars on. 

On Friday, Marc was outside with the boys, thatching our front lawn in the rain (he's mildly obsessed with improving our grass). For whatever reason, he took off The Pickle's collar and put it in his pocket while he thatched away. Time went by, rain kept falling and eventually, he'd raked up enough dead grass to warrant a reseeding. There was some extra seed and although he hadn't thatched the back yard, he threw the rest of it down anyway. I watched from the window as he jammed along with his iPod and extra-fancy headphones under his hood.

Here's a head scratcher for you:

Loud music + shock collar with warning beeps nestled up nicely against your stomach = ?

Just in case you need a hint, here's the current score in our household:

Electric Fence - 1

Marc - 0

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  1. I literally laughed out loud reading this...I'm sorry for your hubby though!


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