Bad Blueberries

My breakfast of choice for a while now has been fruit smoothies. Berries, melons, bananas, peaches, oranges...whatever we have goes in the blender with a little yogurt and some fruit/veggie juice.


This morning though, something BAD happened. 

A GIANT bag of blueberries slipped out of my hands and EXPLODED onto the floor.

That's almost FIVE POUNDS of blueberries.

There were tiny frozen blueberries EVERYWHERE!

(no picture as I was busy losing my mind)

I ran around like a CRAZED LUNATIC, trying to find our broom. By the time I'd checked up AND downstairs to no avail, they'd started to melt. Stuck with my hands, I scooped up the berries as they smeared across the floor.

Here's something I didn't know: BLUEBERRIES STAIN EVERYTHING!

As you can see, there are blue spots EVERYWHERE! It's like HALF our kitchen!

Despite SCRUBBING and SCRUBBING, this is as clean as I can get it. The grout, formerly somewhere in the cream family is now a bluey-purple.

As are my hands.

Stupid blueberries and their delicious antioxidants.


  1. This is STRESSFUL. I'm so sorry, love! :(

    PS: Totes going to email you back, I swearrrrrr. And as a teaser, I'll go ahead and tell you that a. you are amazing, b. I was so touched by your words, and c. I love you!!

  2. Marc wasn't too pissed, thank goodness. And MANY scrubs later...it pretty much looks the same. Booooooooours.

    Happy you got it - spam filters are CRAZY now!


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