Bootleg Pan Pizza

For that two weeks, I've been chilling in solitary confinement. Between my lung's attempted-murder from a while ago and being down to one car, the house can sometimes feel VERY CONFINING. I had a mega-craving for a pan pizza from Pizza Hut but when I called to order one, it was almost $22!!

For ONE pizza!

No thanks, Pizza Hut.

So as I wait for The Hut to have a sale, I figured I'd try to make my own. Since I had nowhere else to go and not much else to do, I decided to take it to the NEXT LEVEL and make the sauce too (okay, you've got me, we didn't have any pizza sauce so I didn't have much choice)

Here's what you'll need to make your own pizza sauce.

Sautee the garlic for a couple of minutes in some olive oil.
Add the canned tomatoes and crush them up with a spoon. I pick out all of the non-breaking-down parts because I don't like my sauce to 'crunch' so I ended up adding half a can of tomato paste just to thicken it up a little. Let this simmer gently over slow heat for a while and move onto the dough.
Bread flour, all-purpose flour, water, traditional dry yeast, honey, olive oil and salt. Mix it all together until it's a doughy ball.
Tah-dah! Now let it rise for at least an hour and a half, preferably somewhere warm.

Then it'll look like this.
Despite my DIVERSE collection of baking pans, I didn't have one that was the size the recipe required, so I improvised. Stretching out the dough was pretty easy but next time I'd make it thinner.
Some cheese & pepperoni later and BAM! Pepperoni pan pizza!

It was pretty good but did NOT taste like The Hut. The crust wasn't greasy, so maybe that's why. That being said, the total cost of making everything from scratch was CONSIDERABLY less (mostly because I had everything I needed already). I usually make calzones, when I have a pizza craving and think that I'll stick to that recipe instead. The rising time is a lot less, so it's not as much of a process. Also, one batch of calzones makes 4, so 2 can hang out in the freezer for another time. Don't think I'll be making this one again but am glad I tried it out!

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