Dear Gavin DeGraw:

Oh Gavin, I'm so happy you're back. 

Back in the day, circa 2005 (man that makes me feel old), I was obsessed with your album, Chariot. By obsessed, I mean that I listened to it EVERY SINGLE DAY. In the car, in my house, at work, even on the bus that I (wo)manned as a camp counsellor. For me, it was one of those rare albums where I loved each and every song, didn't have to be in a specific mood to listen and could sing along at the top of my lungs. If memory serves, I believe I even looked up the lyrics so I'd be sure I was singing along correctly.  Yeah, I was THAT into it. In fact, I was SO into your croony voice and piano talent that I illegally downloaded live performances with songs that weren't on the album because I couldn't get enough. 

When you came to Toronto, I dragged a friend down to The Opera House to watch you perform. I was BLOWN AWAY by your REMARKABLE talent there, as well. As I was well-versed in your non-released songs, whenever you'd call out for a crowd request, I'd scream "Dancing Shoes," or "Tracks of my Tears," and although you didn't play either, it was still (and is) one of the best concerts I've been to. 

Then...well...something got lost for me with your follow-up album. "In Love With A Girl" was all right, but the only other track I got into was "I Have You to Thank." It was incredibly disappointing that your second album fell flat for me.

I kind of lost track of you after that but then itunes told me you released another album in 2009. Imagine my UTTER DELIGHT when I saw a studio recording of "Dancing Shoes." It's such a beautiful version that it was a good thing I was alone the first time I listened to it because I ended up bawling like a little baby. (Side Story: when I first heard the illegally obtained version, I actually wrote you a letter to say how much I loved it. That's right, you got the first and ONLY fan letter I've ever written. I included a return envelope with prepaid postage...but never got a response. It took some time for my 22-year-old heart to recover but it's cool now). 

Aside from "Dancing Shoes" and "Never The Same" on Free though, I wasn't really feeling the album. 

So when I got an email from your fan club (which is interesting as I hadn't received anything in years and thought that I'd removed myself from the list) telling me you were releasing a new single, I must admit that I dismissed it at first. Well, yesterday I was perusing itunes, looking for new jams and previewed your new single "Not Over You."

Well, shutthefrontdoor, Mr. DeGraw! 



I cannot BELIEVE how INCREDIBLE this track is. It makes me want to take lyrical dance classes and learn how to pirouette. The lyrics are beautiful and the composition - WOW - it's just phenomenal. I've listened to it almost twenty times since I downloaded it (legally). For reals. It's like my early-twenties obsession has come back tenfold. The Hubby's ecstatic (not really).

So thank you Gavin Degraw for writing another song that makes me wish it were a turkey sandwich so I could eat it. I will SO be stalking itunes for your next album release and my fingers are mega-crossed that there'll be more just like this one.

For those who haven't heard it yet, take a listen and prepare to have your brain explode from its awesomeness.

ps. As if it was even possible, you've somehow gotten better looking. Nobody can rock a fedora like you can. Whatever you're doing, KEEP IT UP!

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