Dollarama Deals?

It's been over a year now, since I've been rocking my full-out recessionista status and as such, have come to rely on Dollarama (best dollar store EVER) for many household items. The days of simply running out to the joint for party supplies have been gone for a while. I wander the aisles, throwing spatulas, tin foil and kitchen sponges, filling up my cart with things that would otherwise cost much more. Leaving with a full bag of goodies for less than $20 quenches my shopping fix without emptying my wallet. 

Now, some of you might know this, but Dollarama is actually owned by Shoppers Drug Mart. Since the buy-out, coincidentally about a year ago, the shelves have been bursting with new and exciting items. The biggest expansion is the selection of food.

Here's where I get a slight bit snobby.

Sure, I pick up the occasional 69-cent Mr. Big bar, but as much as I try to, I just can't bring myself to buy the dollar peanut butter or brand-I've-never-heard-of soup. I see others loading up but I'd still rather pay more for ACTUAL macaroni and cheese. Until yesterday, I thought that I drew my recessionista line between the fourth and fifth aisles...

but I was wrong.

Halfway down the shiny-hair-crap aisle, nestled between leg warmers and small plastic travel containers, I found THIS...


Now, I may be WAY off here, but I'm not sure I'd be relying on one of these babies (pun intended) for accurate results. Sure, it MAY be the same kit that costs well over $15 but something tells me....probably not. 

In case you're wondering...YES, they also had ovulation kits. 


  1. Wow. That's definitely not something you skimp on!

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