Roll Out, Ravioli

When I set out to the local butcher, who's slogan over the register reads: 

"We know our cows by the first names of their farmers"

I'd already decided to make a lasagna. When I got home and got everything out though, I discovered a long-lost and NEVER USED ravioli press. As such, I switched gears immediately and tried it out. The learning curve was about a 2 out of 5 so I'd highly recommend it!

Probably the most basic ingredients ever. 

Mix together, knead for 3 - minutes, let rest 20 minutes and then divide into 4 pieces. 

Filling. Ground beef, mozzarella cheese, eggs, garlic, salt & pepper.
Tools for rolling out the dough. My kitchen aid pasta roller (courtesy of the Ya-Yas, *holla*) and a ravioli press.

Roll out. 

Lay the pasta over the press, use the indent maker to...well...make the indents.

Add the meat.

Put another layer of pasta overtop and roll over with a rolling pin. Then pull out the raviolis. Dry for 2 hours (1 on each side) if freezing or cook right away!

The bigger the pot the better. This round took 9 minutes to be absolutely perfect!

It was super yummy and made enough for EIGHT servings! 

Not bad when the cost of the WHOLE BATCH was $12, including sauce. 

Yummy, cost-effective and somewhat healthy with the extra lean natural beef and (evil but delicious) white flour. I SUPPOSE it'd be better for you with whole wheat pasta, but I suspect the dough would be a little trickier to get sealed. 

Slightly more time consuming than lasagna but it was good to mix it up a bit!


  1. That sounds delish! I need to get a pasta roller.

  2. Please, please have lots of these at the ready when I come over. I can't stop thinking about them.

  3. done and done! I already have another recipe I'd like to try!

  4. And Heather, you TOTALLY should. Fresh pasta rules!


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