Sweet BBQ, Man

I'm going to a BBQ at my Hetero-Life-Partner's house tonight and it's been AGES since I've baked sugar cookies and after seeing THIS, I was inspired!

A little computer-time later, I'd made templates for burgers, hot dogs and fried chicken legs. I have circular cookie cutters, so I used those for the donuts.

Going through the process, step-by-step would take about a zillion pictures and Bridget does excellent tutorials. Here are her instructions for hot dog cookies.

So here they are! Welcome to my Sweet BBQ! 

*hands plate*

Would you like a burger?
Some fried chicken, perhaps?

A hot dog?

Make sure you grab a donut for dessert!

I had the BEST time decorating these. I think the burgers are my favourite. When I added the sesame seeds, it took the design to the next level. I'm SO excited to show up with these tonight!

Now I just need to go hide them somewhere so Marc doesn't eat them. He HATES when I make things and he can't have any. I made him a custom cookie though, so I'm prepared...but still...I'm gonna hide them.

*sneaks away*


  1. those look great! well done!

  2. AMAZING! I've been kinda obsessed with making a cupcake that looks like a cheeseburger, but these look so much better!


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