We've Been Benched

For the last couple of years, Marc's been amassing QUITE the tool collection. Despite the PLETHORA of things though, there was always 'something else' he'd need when I'd suggest a project. 

That is, until recently, when in a STRANGE twist of FATE, he suddenly had EVERYTHING he needed. Marc was both elated and disappointed because he knew that I'd start compiling a mega-list of things to do. He knows me well.

First up was our front bench.

So, off to the right, is the second of FOUR design attempts we tried.  Originally, the house came with a small table between the two benches but we were WAY too tall for it, so first we removed the table and made the cushion covers.

Then it became winter and we realized that there was NOWHERE to put our shoes. It sucked. Snow and dirt were EVERYWHERE. Thankfully, Marc was just as over it as I was. 

First up, remove the built-in benches.
SURPRISE, there weren't any tiles beneath the benches! Instead, particle board GLUED to the floor. Boourns. 
We decided to just build over them. Tiling the floor wasn't something we had planned on doing. So here's Marc, hard at work putting together the NEW bench. He's so hot when he's being handy, especially when he has a pencil tucked behind his ear (you can't see it but it's on the other side). 
A few un-photogaphed steps later, there's rubber matting where there were no tiles, the bench was painted white and we upholstered some MDF with GORGEOUS fabric. 


The project is SUCH a great example of how Marc and I work together. It took both of our strengths to make it happen and it turned out just as we'd (mostly I'd) imagined. Yes, aside from painting the walls, we also need to figure out what to do with the chipped tiles, but those are smelly projects that won't be happening for a while. In the meantime though, we have a comfy place to sit with our shoes neatly lined up underneath.

Yay for mini-home renos!

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