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The Hubby has made it through to the third round of interviews for an AMAZING job. How many phases are left? Who knows, but one thing I DO know is that The Hubby LOVES roasted chicken. So do I, as cold chicken sandwiches are just about the most delicious thing on the planet, but I've never cooked one before.


Because raw chicken grosses me out.

Like, a lot.

The sliminess and extreme fear of salmonella poisoning make for somewhat challenging culinary pursuits, but I thought it would be a very supportive move if I made The Hubby a 'good luck' supper. So, off to the butcher I went. 

Getting it out of the bag was bad enough but actually feeling the weight of the chicken with its bones was enough to expel me from the kitchen. The recipe I was following said to cut the chicken in half. I got two shallow cuts deep before having to leave the kitchen...again. I called a pal for tips but she didn't have any. I tried again but it wasn't even almost happening. 

Good thing I never wanted to be a doctor.

So, flipping through a few cookbooks, I found a similar recipe that didn't require the cutting. Things progressed well after that. Although I hadn't realized how SLICK a raw chicken is but that may have been because I was wearing rubber gloves (baby steps, people...baby steps).

Here's what I threw in the chicken. Garlic, lemons, rosemary and chili flakes.

Shoved in and ready to marinate for a couple of hours.

In the meantime...sliced baby red potatoes in the non-fry fryer.

A little corn on the barbee.

Voila! A LOVELY juicy chicken after 2 hours of roasting.


The Hubby was MIGHTY surprised when he came home from work to the scent of roasting poultry.

He was even MORE psyched about his chicken man-wich which I made him this morning (I make gigantic homemade loaves for his lunches - his coworkers' partners/wives kind of hate me. I've told The Hubby that when I'm well again, the homemade bread situation will be donezo, so he's eating it as fast as he can now...haha, but not really).

Hopefully the home cookin' makes him EXTRA charming and knowledgeable today.

Fingers crossed!

Oh, and a special shout out to Seattle Stevie for her Twitter encouragement! She makes one of these bad-boys EVERY week! *bows*

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