Limited Attention Span

For the past week, I've been losing my mind. I take steroids on a daily basis to control the hyper-reproduction of cells in my lungs (Not to be confused with steroids a la Jersey Shore. I am not a juice-head gorilla) and had to up them considerably on Monday.

One of the MANY side-effects of steroids is feeling restless (read: wanting to peel off your own skin and run around the house screaming, while re-tiling your bathroom floor, learning a new song on the piano and eating everything in sight)

It's an interesting trap, having the uncontrollable urge to do things, because when I'm this sick...well, I can't really do much.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that Marc becomes an extension of myself. 

He loves it (not really).

From Tuesday to Friday, I was stuck in the living room, rocking back and forth on the couch, when I noticed that I hated the way our furniture was arranged. Now, I'm aware that it could have been was the meds talking, but after three days, I just couldn't take it anymore.

So, we spent our Friday night and most of Saturday rearranging the furniture in our living room and dining room. Of course, by "we" I really that Marc moved everything while I stood in a corner and pointed. 

Although it REALLY DOES look better now, Marc was pooped by the time we were finished, so we went to the store to rent a movie to watch....in our AMAZINGLY re-designed living room (ha).

We picked Limitless and some chips and dip.

Spoiler Alert: It sucked.

Now, it might have been because of my flea-like attention span (sponsored by Prednisone) but MAN, it STANK!

It was SO boring! Like Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (which was an oxymoron if I'd ever seen one as I almost fell asleep watching it) with way more violence (including one gross scene where Mr. Cooper pretends he's in the Twilight movie, playing the role of Edward..ick). 

Plus, the beautiful Bradley looked like a TRAIN WRECK half of the time. His chiselled face and sparkling eyes were one of the reasons I wanted to watch the movie in the first place. Robert de Niro was only in the flick for about ten seconds, and he also kind of sucked. I ended up leaving the room to play Scrabble on-line with my step-mom. 

We haven't rented a movie in quite some time and it was a total bummer that Limitless was surprisingly limited in its ability to be entertaining. Has anyone seen anything GOOD, lately (on DvD....seeing a movie in a theatre is kind of like a death-trap for me).

It's only supposed to be a high of 24 today, which means that we can go back outside! Only 40% humidity!! Hurray!!

My lungs are on the mend now, thank goodness, so hopefully I can FINALLY go tubing next weekend. I can't believe that July's almost over and I still haven't gone yet. Stupid freaking lung cells...*grumble, grumble*

Well, I hear Marc getting up now, which means it's time for...

Bacon Sunday!!


(Bacon Sunday is something we made-up where we make a package of bacon and then....well...eat it. It's awesome. Bacon makes everything better, except for hyper-reproductive cell production...Boo)

Have a great last day of the weekend, everyone!


  1. So I just now got to read this and I laughed so hard about the furniture thing! I do that to Charlie all the time and I'm not on steroids! (I think I may have some ADD going on that I was unaware of until lately!) Hope you are feeling better! I suffered from asthma as a child and I know it isn't the same, but I totally feel your pain! I had to be on steroids a lot and would eat my parents out of house and home (and then still want more). You should snuggle with your pups and write your next novel! Hope you are doing better! xoxo!

  2. Oh Nikki! Bummer you know first-hand about steroids! They really are the WORST. All I want to do is dip everything in peanut butter and then do some finger painting...hahaha. The furniture looks so good, though! Thanks for being adorable!


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