Looking for a Hot Tub, Baby, This Morning

Last night, Marc was up late hooking up the newest addition to our family. Yes, she weighs over 850 pounds, is slightly high-maintenance in the beginning, and a little tricky, but that doesn't matter. What matters, is her 55 jets, no-float lounger and multicoloured light show. 


We've been waiting for about 5 weeks for our tub to arrive and FINALLY, on Wednesday, it did. However, it'd been pouring rain for a few days and the massive delivery truck couldn't really get up our driveway without risking a topple-over into our ditch. Thankfully, both the driver and I had our heads on straight and cut our losses. The LAST thing we needed to deal with was a semi-tractor-trailer having an "I've fallen and can't get up" moment. The driver could only get about halfway up, which left a SIGNIFICANT distance between where he dropped it and where it had to go. 

The Pickle was an excellent supervisor.

So, The Hubby called in reinforcements. 

The following should have a disclaimer...

DISCLAIMER: How NOT to Move a Hot Tub

(I'm not hating. I legitimately needed to look away between pictures because I was so nervous.)

Step 1: Tie skid with rock-climbing rope to back of truck.

Step 2: Drag hot tub across gravel driveway and uneven grass...without wheels. There'll be some scraping. It's cool.

Step 3: Keep driving slowly, successfully avoid being clotheslined (via literal clothesline) until you reach your destination. Don't be alarmed as the skid starts to break apart. I mean, there'll be three of you and 850 pounds divided by three is only about three hundred pounds...per person, so if it drops, it's really not a big deal. Right?

Step 4: If your skid manages to survive, make sure your truck has 4-wheel drive as you may need to drive into a forest; be prepared.

A little finagling later (not photographed as all hands were called on-deck, so to speak) and - BAM - hot tub!

Something I thought I'd never do: order bulk water NOT in a bottle. We're on a well though, and there's a lot of minerals, so the hot tub lady suggested we get some delivered. 

He had a huge hose (that's what s/he said).

WHEEEEEE! The water went in great, we did the chemicals last night and now it's 100 degrees!!

Now, all that's left (haha...'all') is to build our amazingly-designed deck! That's an August project, though. Until then, I'll be chillin' in the backyard. Of course, by 'chillin' I really mean 'hottin'.


  1. LMAO!! I freaking cracked up at your post title: Looking for a Hot Tub, Baby, This Morning!! hahaha

    This was great. Great story. LOL. I was laughing the whole time you were explaining.

    I'm jealous you have a hot tub..I WANT ONE!!

  2. Bahaha!! Thanks Jenny! And to be honest, I'm basically jealous of myself ;). Marc and I have decided that we're on our way to becoming the modern equivalents of swingers (minus any actual swinging, of course). With the hot tub out back and a stripper pole in the basement, though, we're walking a fine line ;).


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