Magic Mesh: The Silent Killer

Okay, so "killer" might be a bit extreme, but "humiliator" or "serious vet bill-er" just don't have the same ring.

There's an infomercial for a product called Magic Mesh. It's a screen "door" with a line of magnets in the middle so you can walk through it without having to actually open a door.

At first glance, it seems like a good idea. I mean, all of these people are smiling AND carrying things!

There's also a picture of a dog walking through the screen.

So, here's the dealio. This is the worst idea ever.


Because I'd fully get used to walking through a screen and TOTALLY be that girl who CONTINUALLY walks through everybody else's non-magic-mesh screen door. 
It's happened before, I wanted to die.

*insert high-level of humiliation*

I imagine that dogs would be the same, but their injuries would be more severe because they'd probably be running. My puppies are kinda dumb (sometimes) and if they learned that they could run through a door without waiting for it to be opened, they'd FOR SURE run into a glass door.

- SLAM -

*insert excessively large vet bill for broken puppy nose*

This seems like a good idea, but we're all a little too stupid in this house for such a dangerous product (I kid, I kid...but not really).


  1. Bahaha, only you would think of walking through screen doors forever-after as a legitimate concern. And those people look waaaaay too happy. I look forward to the day where I can carry a tray of lemonade with as much enthusiasm the woman in the picture.

  2. Bahaha K-money! You know me well! These people look EXTREMELY happy to be carrying things. I suspect it's because they don't have to open the door ;).

  3. "...insert excessively large vet bill for broken puppy nose"
    Bwahaha..you’ve got some point there about he Magic Mesh!… maybe only good for disciplined dogs LOL!~
    Anyway, for the benefit of those looking where to buy magic mesh, get on this read.


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