Manwich vs. Sandwich

I've mentioned before how I make bread for The Hubby's lunches. Well, I decided that I wanted in on the action just about the same time that The Hubby wanted to start taking two sandwiches.

My genius brain launched into problem-solving mode.....

A few minutes later - BAM - the idea ninja chopped me in the face. 

Instead of making two, equal loaves of bread, I made a small one and a big one.

Sandwich on the left, Manwich on the right

It's a little deceiving because this picture was taken after the first slice was removed. The Manwich bread gets even bigger, closer to the middle.

So there you have it. When I reference Marc's Manwiches from now on, you'll know what I'm talking about!

Oh, and the correct way to say, "Manwich" is in a low throaty voice. Just in case you were wondering.