Sugar-High Spelling

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster...as far as eating healthily goes. The Hubby and I are in the midst of building the sweetest deck you've ever seen, although let's be honest...I sketched it out and have had little to do with the actual building. As such, we spent the majority of yesterday going between two home reno stores. One has the lowest prices of lumber in town but doesn't sell cedar. The other doesn't have the lowest prices in town but does sell cedar. You can see why this was a MASSIVE pain. 

On the way home we not only had stopped for fast food for lunch (Wendys and it was delicious), but also stopped for candy (me) and snacks (Marc).

As I spun the magical candy displays, I couldn't help but notice that something was a little 'off.' 

"Hey Mon, couldya pass me some spicy hearts...and some jerk chicken?"

Nope, this isn't right either, although "Alsorts" forces you to go a little nasal and that's kind of funny.

This is, HANDS DOWN, the best one.

Hot To-Ma-Lies

Now I ask you, if you're printing out labels for candy that you want to distribute ALL OVER your home province...

Wouldn't you run a spellcheck?

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