Book Club Friday: Sizzle and Burn

Book, Book, Book Club Friday!!

This week, I read Sizzle and Burn by Jayne Ann Krentz.

Romance is the #1 selling genre of fiction.


As such, I figured that it was about time I give one a go. Unfortunately, the first two I started to read were so awful that I was forced to banish them from the house put them down. That all changed though, when I started the first page of Sizzle and Burn.

Heck yes, there's some sizzling in this puppy and a pretty good mystery too.

I usually don't like third-person POVs because I find that I'm being told the story instead of experiencing it alongside the charaters. Ms. Krentz is a super-fantastic writer because she gives just enough for me to know where the characters are coming from without pounding me over the head.

Not only is this a romance/mystery, but it's a paranormal romance/mystery.

Oooooooooo *cue scary music*

No, this isn't a vampire book, but rather, one of many in The Arcane Society Series. Let me break it down for you. The Arcane Society is a seriously old collection of people who have psychic powers. Raine is the granddaughter of a "sensitive" who got kicked out of The Society for trying to develop a Hero-esque injection to enhance powers and Zack is a Society investigator who's set to take over the Big-Cheese position (and be called The Master - slightly cheesy, but it works). Raine hears voices, whispers really, while Zack can feel residual emotional energy. The combo of their powers make them a pretty kick-ass team. 

Raine's grandmother died while living in a nursing home so Raine travels back to Shelbyville to sell her house. Side Note: It was slightly distracting for Ms. Krentz to choose that name as it had me thinking about The Simpsons. Anyway, so Raine goes to her grandmother's house and - SURPRISE - an at-large serial killer had locked a naked girl in the basement. Turns out that the serial killer has a thing for burning witches, or those who s/he suspects is a witch. The Society doesn't really like that, so they send Zack to help figure things out.

The mystery storyline was super-engaging but so was the romance. It also gets going just as fast.


So, fellow Friday Book Clubbers, I'm a reformed romance-hater. In fact, I've already started a second from The Arcane Society Series. It's a little confusing because Jayne Ann Krentz writes under SEVEN pen names (crazy, right?) depending on the genre. Although the second book I'm reading is part of the same series, it's categorized as a historical/paranormal/romance. 

Let me tell you, it's just as good.

So pick up a romance, people! Don't be ashamed! They're GREAT!


Whattaya got to say about that? *waits*

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