Just Throw it In the Bag

It's finally happening....

After years of having to drive over an hour and a half...

We're finally getting a COSTCO!!!

Ten minutes from my house!!

Maybe I should be a little embarrassed with how FREAKING EXCITED I AM, but....well...I just can't help it! Aside from the giant mustards, bulk paper towel and Sample Saturdays (theoretically, as the very last thing I do is eat samples...you know, cause of all of the germs and stuff - oh, except for when they give out Ferro Roche chocolates because those are individually wrapped) my INSANE LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT is really for their photo lab. 

For whatever reason, Costco is the shiz when it comes to photo finishing. Not only with the standard sizes, but with enlargements as well. Plus, I can email my pictures and then just pick them up when they're ready.


So as of NEXT FRIDAY I'll be able to fill the picture frames on our dining room wall.

They were laying on our dining room table for a little while, but then we needed to use it. We had some people over last weekend and they looked at the picture frames and suspected that I was a slight bit crazy, with the orange flowers and Asian children. After I explained that I'd be putting actual photos in the frames, they seemed relieved (sort of).

The plan is to make a collection of pictures from my cooking/baking adventures. Fitting for a dining room, I think anyway.

T-7 days!!!

Woot WOOT!

ps. The books that my in-laws gave us are currently in 3 very high piles on the edge of the table. Hence why you can see them in this shot. I've made some serious progress, but there's much more reading to be done!

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