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The Hubby and I have had rotten luck when it comes to renting Dvds. The last few months have been pretty brutal, as far as movies are concerned. Well, this weekend we rented Paul, an alien movie with some of the cast from Run Fatboy, Run (and other things, but I can't remember). Seth Rogan is the voice of the alien, named Paul, and it was freaking hilarious.


Maybe it was the British accents (which seem to make jokes funnier...man I wish I had a cool accent) and the most appropriate timing for dropping the f-bomb, but we were pretty much laughing from start to finish. I also may have cried just a little bit at the end.

The just of the plot-line is that Paul crashed on Earth 60 years earlier and now wants to go home. He escapes from some government facility and is in a race to get to the pick-up location before he's found by agents. The main agent is played by Jason Bateman. 'Nuff said. 

For reals, the cast is bananas. Virtually every funny actor is in it. 

So, two geeky British dudes, who traveled across the pond for Comic-con (amazing), decide to take a road-trip to all of the US's alien-sighting-hot-spots. While on their way to Area 51, they run into Paul and hilarity ensues. They're rolling in an R-V and meet up with some pretty great characters along the way, aside from Paul, who's pretty much the funniest alien ever.

If you loved Pineapple Express, you'll probably love Paul. The flick walks the fine line of crude humour, but didn't cross over into offensive territory (for me, anyway, and I have a pretty low tolerance for offensive stuff). 

I'm going to keep an eye out for a used copy as it's earned a place in our rotation for rainy day movies. Yup, it was that good. 

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