Book Club Friday: Love Struck

It's the first day of Fall!

*watches leaf turn red*


Well, we all knew it was coming, eh?

Moving on...it's time for:

Wohoo! Chick lit set in Toronto!

* raises the roof *

I was SO EXCITED when I found this at my local bookstore. It's just THE BEST, reading about places that you're familiar with and I loved all of the Southern Ontario references Ms. Simmons threw into this baby.

There's Holts, Branksome Hall School, Yorkville, and shopping on Queen St. W. 

Loves, Loves, Loves!

Now, I did struggle through the first few chapters but once I accepted Poppy (short for Popsicle, her hubby's nickname) for who she was, it was a wild ride. 

The book starts off with a bang - literally - when Poppy's husband gets struck by lightning. The worst part? He was on a DATE at the time. Poppy's called to the hospital and to be by her husband of three year's side when she discovers he was having an affair with a gorgeously volumptuous woman who reminded me a lot of Gloria from Modern Family (only with a British accent instead of Spanish). When Poppy hides out in her husband's hospital  bathroom, she overhears them talking and realizes that her hubby actually has amnesia and doesn't remember either the affair or the floozy. Delighted that she has a second chance to save her marriage, Poppy launches Operation Get My Man Back. 

Unfortunately, she goes about it in entirely the wrong way and hilarity ensues. 

Do Poppy and I react the same way to things? Not at all.

Did I sympathize with Poppy? Sometimes.

Does Poppy's ridiculousness get seriously out of hand and border on being unrealistic? You betcha.

But all of these things made for a fun read. 

The book goes a little deeper after the first half and I was sucked right into Poppy's maturing journey. I'm a firm believer that 'you don't know what you don't know' and this book is a prime example of that. In the beginning, Poppy was narcissistic and self-centered but by the end, she's well on her way to becoming a much nicer person (and more supportive wife). 

The supporting characters are awesome, with my favourite being an old flame of Poppy's. There were lots of references to fashion designers and a few wonderfully-placed pop culture references. It totally makes sense that Ms. Simmons is a contributing writer to Elle and HGTV because her finger rests nicely on the pulse of what's hot. Even though the book's almost two years old, it didn't feel dated at all and that's mighty hard to do when you're referencing potential-flash-in-the-pan reality stars. 

One of the quotes on the front describes the book as "A Canadian Bridget Jones" and I think it's quite fitting.

Why? Because, at times, you want to just tell her to shut up. About half of her internal monologues are furrowed with back-to-back questions:

Do I love him? Do I really want him to love me? How much do I love him? Will he love me anyway? Why does he love me? - you get the drift. 

After a while, I glossed over a few got used to them, but in the beginning, the repeated questions really stopped me from connecting with Poppy. But hey, I can be picky like that.

All in all, I'd give this book a solid 8 cupcakes. Chocolate ones. With sprinkles. 


  1. I always love your reviews. And I do this week. I am adding this one to my list!

  2. I agree! I love reading your reviews! Sounds like a fun book!

  3. oooooo this one is being added to my read list!

    happy friday, happy fall, happy reading!

  4. Thanks gals! It's great to hear how awesome I am (I kid, I kid). See you all next week. Err....Read you all next week?


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