Operation Sunshine and Rainbows

Okay, so I know that getting steroids off of the street is (somewhat) important, even though there are a few juicehead gorillas who'd disagree with me, and I commend my local police force in its efforts.


How are we supposed to fear and/or respect the police when they choose to name drug-take-down-operations after candy?

Yes, it's true.

Operation JELLYBEAN is what the Fredericton Police Force named their two-year investigation into a local drug trafficker. 

Jelly. Bean.

Who came up with that beauty? How could officers say it with a straight face? I'd be in the middle of a briefing, see the word jellybean and totally start laughing. Mostly because it's funny but also because not laughing at something I want to laugh at just makes me laugh more

I mean, seriously, they might as well have named it Operation Sunshine and Rainbows.

That being said, Operation Shrinkage-Not-In-A-Pool would probably have been too obvious. As would Operation Back-ne. And Operation Hulk

All right, all right. Maybe Operation Jellybean's not that bad...

No wait. It is.

For the full article, click here.

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