Ghost-Town Groceries

I've had a fairly up-and-down summer in regards to my health and it looks like the fall and winter won't be much different. As such, I've reverted to my "unstable" medical routine, which mostly consists of being a hermit and avoiding contact with germy people. 

That makes things kind of tricky when it comes to grocery shopping, which sucks because I LOVE grocery shopping. 

My favourite regular-sized grocery store is The Superstore (yes, that's the actual name) and apparently they read my mind when, at the beginning of the summer, they changed their hours during the week to 24-hours! 


When I up my medications, which is presently happening, I don't sleep well. At all. I know WAY too much about infomercial products and have practically memorized date-hotline numbers. So you can see how 24-hour grocery store hours have benefited my life. 

If not, I've written a small formula to help break it down:

Love of grocery shopping + no sleep + need to live in a bubble + 24-hour grocery shopping =

Now, most urban areas have 24-hour stores, but they're few and far between out here. I remember going shopping at 2am when I lived in downtown Toronto and there would always be people. In fact, sometimes there wasn't even great parking.

Here's what it looks like when you go grocery shopping at 5:28am on a Tuesday morning in Fredericton.


I got a spot directly next to the accessible parking spots. Score.

Then I was able to pick from the fresh new produce that was being unloaded by an extremely red-eyed teen. Whether it was because it was so early or for other reasons, I can't be sure.

I was literally the only non-employee in the joint. This is what it must be like for Britney Spears when she goes grocery shopping. Or any shopping, for that matter.

I thought this guy was another customer. Then he produced a mop.

So, although I've REALLY ENJOYED being able to grocery shop while sick, I wasn't terribly surprised when I saw this near the check-out. It makes sense that they're reverting back to non-24-hour status. I mean, the place is always deserted when I roll in (which I now have photo evidence of). 

Boo nonetheless though. Boo.

Goodbye grocery shopping. I'll miss you.

*wipes tear*

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