Halloween How-To

Hilarious marquee on our chalk-bathroom wall, courtesy of The Hubby.

So, Saturday night marked the "adult" Halloween (not to be confused with the "child" Halloween, which has decidedly more candy and less vodka). I've been working on my costume for a while, adding to it from last year and also helped make some costumes for the rest of my crew. 

Tinkerbell, Snow White, Big Bird (moi), Snufalufagus and The Cookie Monster. 

I added MANY MORE feathers to my own costume and helped out with Snuffy's fur overalls. Okay, so I did more than help but it ended up being a pain because the fun fur kept breaking the needle of my sewing machine. Boo. That meant I basically sewed the whole thing by hand, which you'd think would make things MORE secure...except that I'm not a seamstress.

Not a seamstress.

And that's what this post is REALLY about.

I wanted to title it "Mini-Tutorial: How To Fix A Halloween Costume in a Porta-Potty With A Stapler" but that would've been a tad bit too long...

So, we're all at the big Halloween party downtown and poor Snuffy's strap broke. The velcro was slightly too powerful and I only hand-stiched one side (It made the needle all sticky so I gave up. I'm sure there's some other way but, again, I'm NOT a seamstress).

Luckily, we were on it.

First, make sure that you have enough foresight to actually BRING a stapler with you to the big downtown Halloween Party. Also, make sure that someone has a purse large enough to accommodate the office tool. 

Since the line-ups for the washrooms will be HELLA LONG, simply go outside to the row of porta-potties. All three of you. At the same time. It's cool, you'll fit (barely). 

Always put the soberest person in charge of the stapler. They really are tricky but the REAL trick is not having any of the three purses, various Halloween accessories and/or the stapler fall in.

Sure, it's hard to see because there's no light so there's a small risk of stapling yourself and the person whose costume you're trying to fix, but that's what a camera flash is for, obviously.

Then, file outta the pottty and you're set to take Sesame to the street!

So there you have it: on-the-fly Halloween tailoring, Sesame-street style. I should also mention that when you fall out of the porta-potty in matching theme costumes...well...let's just say you get quite a bit of attention.

ps. If you run into someone in the same costume, also home-made, feel free to judge just how much better yours is.

Clearly, my fascinator is better.
Much, much better.

However, she did have a feather bustier, so that was pretty cool...

but there's no doubt that I was the superior Big Bird.

Happy Halloween!!

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