Twitter: Bringing Sexy Back

Okay, so maybe not "sexy" per say but it makes for a good title.

What I really mean is that Twitter is bringing customer service back. Back in BIG way.

Over the last few years, I've noticed (as I'm sure you have) a sharp decline in the quality of customer service from companies. The automated follow-up calls, the serious wait-times when you need to speak to someone and spammy emails that I don't want to stop getting because sometimes they have coupons - all of these things leave me wanting to sell everything I have and go live in a cave somewhere. 

I'm a slave to consumerism. We all are. We're in a capitalistic society. There's no escaping it.

HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that companies shouldn't be responsible for what they're selling. In fact, I think that with all the technological advancements of the last fifty years, things would be made BETTER for LESS. But, of course, that wouldn't fly because people wouldn't buy as much. 

In the recent economic climate, I think that we've all cut back. I'm back to combing the weekly ads for grocery store sales instead of just throwing whatever into the cart when I get there. I research larger item-purchases to the point of complete ridiculousness. In fact, I research most things pre-purchasing because I HATE spending money and then not getting what I think I'm paying for.

Too bad it happens ALL OF THE TIME!

*shakes fist*

So, I'd boot-up my laptop and write the company an email outlining my disappointment. Sometimes it worked and I was refunded or sent additional items, but sometimes nothing happened at all. It's been a very frustrating experience; feeling like I have no power.

Well that's all over now!

*blows airhorn*

Oh, hello there, Twitter.

*bats eyelashes*

With a simple 140 characters, I now have a place to vent my frustrations. A place where my words have the ability to get from here to Australia in a matter of seconds.

It's a company's worst nightmare. 

Millions of dollars of positive advertising can be obliterated in days - hours even, sometimes.

As terrifying as that is for corporate businesses, it's a consumer's paradise. A paradise with a grotto. And a swim-up bar. And zero-calorie daiquiris. 

From my personal Twitter experiences, I've been successful three times out of four with my beefs about three different companies. In all three instances, I had someone from customer service DM (direct message - not public) me within HOURS. The longest it took for a resolution was TWO DAYS! In red-tape terms, that might as well be instantaneous. 

I'd also like to mention that I Twittered my witty yet scathing complaints AFTER dealing with the company's customer service representatives and being left in the lurch. Yet, mere minutes after Tweeting, I'm suddenly in contact with someone higher up in the customer service food chain and then - BAM - my problem's solved. 

So what does that really mean?

Well, it means that I'm a happy bunny. I no longer feel like companies can take advantage of me and the feeling is AMAZING! It means that when I feel like a company isn't putting their money where their mouth is and standing by their products, I can publicly shame them a little. Funny how when I'm wonderful and charming on the phone or in an email, I'm left with nothing.

Shoot off a few choice Tweets though, and suddenly I'm a valuable customer. The upside from the company's point of view is that I ALWAYS Tweet a favourable phrase or two once my problem has been taken care of. After all, fair is fair. 

Hm...Now that I think about it, Twitter's a little bit of a super-hero - bursting through the door of  previously-unavailable offices on the corporate ladder. Maybe my blog title wasn't that off. After all, super-heros are really quite sexy.

So go NOW and sign up for an account. Get your power back, people! It's great over here!

*sips zero-calorie daiquiri*

Mmmm...vindication is delicious. 

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