The $51 Pen-mark

You might know this if you're a regular reader of my little ole blog, but I hate paying full price for things.

Hate. Paying. Full. Price.

As such, I'm constantly scouring the internet looking for deals while wishing that I lived in the States so I could become an extreme coupon-er. 

*sighs wistfully* 

In the same outlet mall where I found my effing fantastic ballet flats, there was a Coach outlet. I LOVE me some designer handbags, but prefer ones without logos all over the place, so I don't often like Coach bags. That being said, I still get email deals for 30% Coach bags from a website mailing list. Not ever being near a Coach store, I usually delete them.

So, when I saw the Coach store, I immediately got my iPhone and started looking for one. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one that hadn't expired but my pal and I decided to look anyway.

When we got into the store, the most incredible thing happened.

A lady handed us a 30%-off coupon! Valid on our ENTIRE PURCHASE!!

Needless to say, we started seriously looking around. 

There were many pretty things, but most of them were covered in the "C's." Boo. 

Then, from across the store, I saw a flash of stunning sapphire blue. I walked over to the display and reached out to grab the softest leather my fingers have had the pleasure to touch. 

Hello, love.

Taking it from the shelf, I walked over to a mirror and saw how perfectly the bag sat on my shoulder. Like it was meant to always be there. Looking at the price-tag, I noted the original price:



Upon closer inspection, though, I noticed that it was in the 50%-off section. Now I'm no mathematician, but I calculated that would bring the bag down to $200. With the additional 30%-off coupon, I figured it'd be around $140. Not bad, but I still wasn't convinced.

I reached inside the bag to see just how much stuff I'd be able to stuff in it and saw a brown tag with the hand-written price of:


Yes, you read that right...EIGHTY-NINE DOLLARS!!

According to the label, there was a pen mark on the bag, which is why it'd been marked down to the almost-free price. I looked and looked and looked and couldn't see the mark anywhere.

Can you spot the pen-mark?

Thinking there'd been a mistake, I took it to the cash before anyone else could poach it. The lady at the cash said that because it'd been so heavily discounted, the coupon didn't apply, but that didn't faze me. I mean, it was a crazy deal even without the extra 30%. 

My pal (who also got a sweet deal on her very first designer handbag - green leather with a chain strap) and I practically skipped back to her car. Overcome with joy for our not-close-to-full-price purchases.

So, a few days ago, I was in the car and a small beam of sunlight worked like a spotlight, revealing the pen-mark that resulted in the best deal ever. 

Ridiculous, right? Who the hell can see that?

After a little application of leather cleaner, which I already had, the pen-mark completely disappeared. Why the store clerks didn't do that in the first place, I don't really understand, but it worked out great for me!

One woman's stain is another woman's ticket to heavily-discounted high-quality leather goods.

Luckily, I'm the latter.

*strokes the buttery leather*

*coos happily*

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