Canada Post Sucks. Big Time.

I've just gotten off the phone with the rudest customer service rep I've had the displeasure of speaking with. Since moving to our fabulous house in Hanwell, NB, I've noticed that the Xpresspost packages I pay a premium for - to be delivered to my door - haven't been arriving. Instead, I get a little tag in my mailbox that makes me go into Fredericton to pick them up. I've made calls before, inquiring why the packages weren't being delivered to my house.

Finally, I got a phone call back.

To say that I'm writing this post because I'm VERY VERY ANGRY would be an understatement. I'm actually VERY VERY FURIOUS!


First off, the Canada Post rep called me at 7:43AM on a Monday morning. I guess it's impressive that they work that early, but my mother always told me never to call before 8:00am and past 8:00pm because that's when families are getting themselves together for the day or winding down afterwards. Case in point - I was washing The Pickle for the upteenth time since he got skunk-ed in the face last week. 

Then, she launched into her "explanation" as to why the packages weren't being delivered to my door. Apparently, I live 0.5km from an urban area, therefore designating me as a "rural delivery." That means that the post office delivery person doesn't have to come to my house. Instead, they'll leave the packages in the community mailbox at the end of my street. Interesting how not ONE Canada Post employee has EVER informed me of that. I've been paying a premium for shipping and now and ADDITIONAL fuel surcharge for a service that they had NO INTENTION of making good on.

The three packages I called specifically about were very small. One was slightly larger, but totally fold-able as it was a jacket. They would totally have fit in the community mailbox, but the rep "explained" that all of the boxes must have been full. 

I asked her if that meant I'd get a refund for the difference between regular and Xpresspost because I've clearly been paying for a service that Canada Post NEVER INTENDED on fulfilling. Surprisingly, she said no. She went on to say that there would be a new community mailbox installed soon with more space. 

"And when would that be installed?" I asked. 

"Sometime before Christmas," she responded.

"Well, will there be some sort of notice sent out or something?" I asked.

"It's not just for you m'am. It's for the community. We don't send out notifications," she said snarkily.

"Not just for me?"

"Yes. It's for the community."

"So, basically, you're saying that I'm paying for a service that you don't actually make good on and there may be a new mailbox installed some time before Christmas where I still won't have packages delivered to my door but they may be left at the end of my street?"

"It's not the responsibility of rural delivery drivers to take packages to your door, m'am."

Really?!? It ISN'T? Then why is the service advertised as such?! How is that NOT stealing my money? Please, someone tell me.

This type of bullshit is enough to make me pull out my hair, which is BAD because I don't have a whole lot to begin with. 

I really hope that this phone conversation was recorded "for customer service training" because she was a serious bitch. An uninformative, unapologetic bitch. 

*hears doorbell*

Oh, wait. There's the Purolator delivery guy. Although I apparently live in the middle of nowhere, he always seems to find my address just fine. How interesting.