Eff, Marry & Kill 2.0



So I didn't quite get a hang of this last time, but this time, I'm ON IT (sort of). I noticed last time that a lot of people had three related dudes but I couldn't find one show or single movie where three guys were appealing (or hadn't been done already). 

I put on my thinking fedora and came up with this (brilliant) idea!

The Batman franchise!! I know, right? Such a good idea! Haha. 

Here we go!!


Eff, Eff, a million times....Eff. Holy crapballs, is Christian Bale ever a hottie-Mc-tottie in The Dark Knight. I can't WAIT for the next one, even though Anne Hathaway's in it (don't get me started on her). His method-actor tendencies don't make him marriage material, but luckily, there's a category that'd let me stroke his beautiful abs.


Oh hello there George-y (it's cool, we're gonna get married so I can call him that). Although Batman and Robin wasn't the greatest of movies, there's no denying that Mr. Clooney is a stone-cold silver fox. As such, it's really more of an investment in my future than anything else. How he manages to get better looking as time goes on is a mystery, but one that I'm quite prepared to dedicate myself to solving.


Oh Val, he's got to go. With the other big-name actors fighting to be top bat, he fails on a few fronts. Most importantly (obviously), he's just not as good looking. Plus, his deep Batman voice was much more creepy than sexy. Oh, and apparently he's pretty short and has super-bad BO. Yiiiikes. 

Thanks to Heather & Michelle for hosting!


  1. Ahh, you gotta love George-y. I'm sorry I killed him in my linkup last time!

  2. Hahah I adore all of your descriptions! And totally agree with you;)

  3. nice selection. i would marry christian bale though :)

  4. I am in total agreement!! Great line-up!

  5. Thanks for stopping by gals! I just LOVE this link-up and reading everyone's postings. So fun!

  6. Hmm. I think I'd eff Val (young Val) and kill Christian.


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