Face Stabbing & Ego Stroking

Since I was 15, I've wanted to do something. All my friends beat me to the punch though, and since I don't like looking like everyone else, I shelved the idea. When Marc and I moved out here, it took me a while to notice that my group of friends didn't have them.

What am I talking about?

A nose piercing (sorry Mum).

I know, I know, they're not for everyone but I've literally wanted one forever and I decided to treat myself last week. I was super nervous about getting it done, so I asked my Hetero-Life-Partner to come with me on her lunch break. She did, which was great.

When I got to the piercing place, about ten minutes early so I could fill out the paperwork, I was greeted by a dude with huge spacers in his ears and a surprisingly attractive double nostril piercing. His name was Adam and he was the piercer extraordinaire. As with most people who meet me for the first time, he wasn't quite sure how to take me. Before long, though, I won him over.

Ten minutes later, Adam became the president of my fan club and proceeded to inflate me with so much self-esteem that I had trouble fitting through the door on my way out.

Ego Stroke 1: I have perfect nostrils.

Ego Stroke 2: My glasses have lots of style.

Ego Stroke 3: I'm cute when I crinkle my nose (which meant he had to change where the piercing was or it'd stick out every time I crinkled - what a pro).

Ego Stroke 4: Apparently I didn't flinch, which made me "pretty bad-ass." I'm not 100% in agreement with him there but I'll take his word for it.

Ego Stroke 5: When told that any jewelry would be fine once it's healed, Adam clarified a moment later with: "Except stuff from Ardene." 

My response: "Adam, does this look like someone who wears jewelry from Ardene?" (I then pointed to my face). 

His answer: hysterical laughter. (For those who don't know, Ardene is a place where the cheapest jewelry of life is sold. Since I'm allergic to nickel, just walking into that place makes me break out in a rash....sorry Ardene, but you know it's true). 

So, if I'm ever having a bad day, I might just mosey on down to the tattoo studio and get something else pierced. Not only did I leave with a pretty purple stone in my nose but a with a little bit of swagger too.

Thanks Adam!


Whattaya got to say about that? *waits*

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