The Final Dirty Countdown

So in SEVEN days I will officially be entering another box. A box that The Hubby has been waiting for me to get into so he feels like less of a perv. 

Yup, you guessed it. 

I'm turning thirty.


Oh the humanity!

I'd originally intended on throwing myself a lovely fancy-pants 20s-themed party but my health craziness made that pretty impossible to plan. But don't despair, my lovely internet buddies, for I came up with an EQUALLY awesome idea. 

Remember the Glamor Shot craze of the late 80s/early 90s? Well I do and I'd always envied those who got to tease their hair, throw on too much blush and ham it up for a soft-lighted camera lens.

Just in case you don't remember, here are some examples:

Now, I've introduced you to my basement of wonder before...

so it seemed like a natural idea for a party with my ladies. Although, I'm not so much going to the original Glamor Shot look as much as this:

YES, you read that right. 

Tonight, in celebration of my turning THIRTY next week, I shall be channeling RuPaul in all of her/his (she/he doesn't care about the pronoun) drag glory. Lashes, huge hair, extreme face contouring - everything!! I have a special outfit all picked out and I've been playing with my makeup options all week.

My ah-mazing hubby will also be transforming himself, into Marc-La-Merde - a semi-professional photographer who once was the runner-up for the back-up spot for Cycle 1 of Canada's Next Top Model. I'm VERY excited that such a renowned photographer will be capturing our beauty and can't WAIT to see how everything turns out.

It's been an interesting year where I've learned a lot things about myself. One being the acceptance of the change in my appearance. So what that I've gained a ton of weight, my face is swollen and I don't have a neck. I've seen what those performers can do and they start out as men. With an expansive natural bosom, I feel like I'm halfway there already. Plus, it's confidence that makes people take notice. Confidence and a whole lotta glitter. Luckily, I have reserves of both. 

So I'll spend today cleaning up downstairs and setting up a table with my costume jewellery so my pals and I can share and swap. Between my oversized baubles and collection of technicolour wigs, I think we're gonna have a grand old time...

And not just because I'm old.

(Don't worry, when I've recovered from the best night ever, I'll post some pics!)

*sets up Mariah fan*

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  1. Happy birthday!! You arent old :) I turned 31 this year....yuck!!


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