FurBaby Birthdays!

It's hard to believe but my adorable furbabies are another year older! Where does the time go?

Pepi hates the hat.

The Pickle doesn't mind it so much.

Pepi, the kitty-puppy hybrid is THREE years old today.

The Pickle has offically become the oldest dude in the house at a whopping FIVE years old (35 in puppy years).

 They like to spend their days hanging on the front porch...

and playing tug of war. Although The Pickle likes to tug while Pepi prefers to lick (incessantly). 

I remember when we brought Pepi home from the Humane Society (Canadian ASPCA). He was a puppy mill puppy and therefore scared at everything - the car, us, The Pickle. He didn't know what a toy was, how to run and wasn't a huge fan of cuddles.

As you can see, that's all changed now. Here he is, hugging a pal in his formal wear.

And believe it or not, this is his "extra relaxed" pose. 

Ah, Pickle, my first furbaby and arguably the hairiest. He used to be so small!!

Behind him is our ottoman, just to give you an idea of how small he was. 

He loves having his picture taken. Ham. 

 And because they're spoiled little muffins, they've gotten new toys, peanut butter in their breakfast and will be getting some bacon with their supper.

God help us when we have human babies...oh the money will be spending! Haha!


  1. Ha, This is beyond presh!! We just got our first furbaby in September (at 5 months old) and then found out she was born just two days before our wedding. She is def a spoiled baby and I love her friggin' face to death. Happy Birthday!

  2. They are sooooo freaking cute!


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