The Glam Fab-biest Gals I Know

Best. Party. Ever.

Yup, those three words pretty much sum up my 30th birthday party.

Although, how can things NOT go well when you start the night with some of this:

I'd never had such fancy tequila before but I figured if I was gonna do it....I was gonna do it, right.

After a few shots, the Glab-Fab Photo Shoot Party got underway and we stormed my dressing room in search of pretty dresses and sparkly accessories. A few smoky eyes and little bit of gloss later, we were ready to rock.

Here's some of the pics (edited with befunky.com - oh how I love that site)

To protect the professional lives of my gal-pals, NO NAMES have been used. Haha (but I'm serious). Since I don't have a professional life, I don't really care. 

Here I am at the bottom of a star spin. Yeah. That's how I do.

Some other solo shots:

Mah-velously Mod

Pop Princess

Flirty Flapper

We had a seriously good time wearing as much jewelry as possible.

This one reminds me of Earth Girls Are Easy, which is quite fitting for this gal.

After the individual ones, we threw on wigs for some group ones.

Oh Befunky.com. How I love you. Here we are as a watercolour. 

And this one just happened like this! I LOVE IT. 

I really do have some glam-fab friends. And they're hilarious! It was my first glamour shots party but definitely not my last. It was epic and one of the funnest nights I've had in a while.

Yay for birthdays!


  1. Happy birthday Jennie! Glad you had such a great night (though i'm not completely sure I know what you did :D )

  2. And, I may be the slowest person on the planet, but when did you update your layout? So cute!!

  3. Thanks Bailey - it was pretty much the funnest party of my life! Totally not the last glamour shot party, either.

    Julie - Haha! I'm so sneaky! I've been trying out new templates in secret and finally...FINALLY ..found one that had a little more pizazz (cause you really can never have enough pizazz). Some friends and I got together, tried on all of our fancy clothes and jewelry, thew on some wigs and took pictures of each other while trying not to laugh. Essentially, we played dress-up...and drank a lot of tequila. Ha!


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