He's (Almost Not) an Idiot

Picture this:

It's early in the morning, around 1:30am, when you're walking across an Eastern Canadian university campus. Maybe you're coming home from a marathon library session or maybe you spent the night hanging out with friends. Out of nowhere, you get jumped and your attacker steals your backpack. Collecting yourself, you flag down campus security to tell them. Campus security then calls the police, you know, because mugging someone is against the law. A little while later, the attacker is spotted and the backpack recovered.

Case closed.

Or is it?

What happens if, in the above described situation, instead of having a backpack full of books...it's full of DRUGS AND CASH?!

Oh yes, you read that right. The dude who was mugged was a drug dealer (weed and magic mushrooms) yet he thought it'd be a grand idea to involve law enforcement in getting his merchandise back.

*slaps forehead*

 When the police opened the bag, they went back to the mugged dude and were like, "Uh, here's your backpack...and by the way, we're arresting you." 
(Obviously, this is paraphrased, but I'm sure it went a little something like that. If I were the cop, I would've had a hard time keeping a straight face.)

Now I ask you....why the hell would you flag down security to get back your bag full of ILLEGAL drugs? Clearly this guy needs to spend less time getting high and more time in class. 

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