It's Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas

Well it certainly isn't LOOKING like Christmas

*peers outside at pouring rain*


But at least is SMELLS like Christmas and that's because we got our tree!!

*sniff sniff snnnnnnifffffff*


Here's where we bought it. I know some of you are thinking: Hey, don't you live in the country? Why aren't you cutting down your own tree?

Well, the ones on our property aren't that lush and there are a few places in town that sell trees for charity. Last year we bought one from the Shriners so this year we decided to give to Kiwanis. It's like a good deed AND a holiday decoration at the same time (do you hear that, Santa? DO YOU?).

'Nuff said. 

There were SO many trees to choose from! 

After seeing what a "blue level" tree looked like (mid-price), it was clear that we wanted a "red level" tree (top price, at $30). 

We walked around for a long time in the "red aisle." Not that Marc got impatient at my scrutiny (much, anyway). Finally though, we found it! THIS IS THE ONE!

Just to be sure, we got the very technically sophisticated measuring plank to make sure it'd fit in our house.

Then it was wrapped in a blanket and shoved into the back of our car. I had to sit in the back because of it's enormous awesomeness.

Getting a bound tree this year was a freaking genius idea as there was almost no needle shedding!

Then it was time to trim the bottom. Just look how adorably happy Marc is because he gets to use the chainsaw.

Way easier than an axe. Louder, but easier. 

In the fancy-pants stand it went!

And then we let it stand overnight. Marc's kind of obsessive about vacuuming the needles. It's a battle I choose not to fight, myself. 

Tah-dah!! We still can't get the timer to work properly, but it sure does look good all lit up!

I love this ornament. It's like 16 spikes of sparkly happiness. 

This guy makes me laugh every time I see him. I think it's the springy legs. Or the lack of arms.

Our favourite ornament from traveling. It makes me smile because it's funny but also because it makes me remember that everyone in Arizona puts santa hats on their cacti. Awesome.

Finally, would any self-respecting Canadian NOT have a Timmies ornament?

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