Book Club Friday: MWF Seeking BFF

Yay! The week's over!!

That means it's time for Book Club Friday!!

This week, I'm reviewing this little gem...

*blows horn*

I'm not gonna lie, book clubbers, this book is hilarious. Even more so because it's non-fiction. Actually, it's so funny because it's non-fiction. This stuff really happened!

What stuff, you ask?

Well the author, Rachel Bertsche, is new to Chicago after moving from NYC with her husband. They have some friends (his) but Rachel misses her BFFs. Naturally, her solution to this problem is to go on 52 friend-dates in a year. Any woman who suddenly finds herself without her gaggle of gals would be able to sympathize with Rachel. It's never easy trying to make a new social circle, especially when you're in your thirties. Rachel dives in head-first though, and I felt a surge of pride every time she stepped outside her comfort zone to make a connection with someone. 

After the first few pages, I couldn't put it down.

Less than a day later, I was finished. Yeah, it was that good. 

Rachel's biggest problem was figuring out where to start. Where do you find 52 female strangers? How do you even ask a girl out on a friend-date? To answer these questions, Rachel references a few experts. She seamlessly sews various friendship tactics into her prose so you never feel like you're reading a research paper, which this basically is...only longer...and funnier.

After exhausting her tiny social circle, Rachel still has a lot of dates to fill. After all, she doesn't really know a lot of people in Chicago. Being a blogger, Rachel eventually gets some attention from a local Chicago paper who prints an article about what she's doing. The next day, her email box is flooded with interested ladies. Then she expands to asking out clerks from her favourite stores, waitresses at restaurants, women she meets at Starbucks - you name it, she tries it. It was as admirable as it was amusing. I think, by the end, she'd taken 5 different classes (cooking, improv, etc) and met over 100 new people. In only a year, that's quite impressive. She really did give it her all. Watching her confidence grow was heartwarming. 

As it is in the dating world, the majority of Rachel's friend-dates are duds. Nothing really awful happens but often there just isn't a connection. Her descriptions of the dates, though, is what makes this book so great. 

With snippets like: 

"Kari told me about RentAFriend in May after she saw it on a local news segment. In June my aunt emailed me an article about the service. A month later a blog reader sent the link my way. Sure it may be a prostitution ring, but who better to give it a test drive, they said. I can handle shady and inappropriate advances if need be. I'm tough." 


"Our week in Croatia is romantic, blissful, and magical, except for when it is hostile, frustrating and bitter." - in reference to a trip Rachel took with her husband. She also once mistook him for a "Mexican hobo rapist" while on another vacation so it's a wonder they're still together. Ha!

I was practically choking on my laughter. 

She also describes a man's voice as: "Sort of like Six in Blossom or the Micro Machines guy."


Four paragraphs in, I couldn't figure out why it was hard for her to make friends. By the end, I was wondering just how long it'd take to convince The Remix to move to Chicago. 


Because I want to be Rachel's friend! 

Me, Rachel! Pick ME!

I literally made 5 pages of annotations on my Kobo while reading because there were so many funny sections. Her anecdotes brought tears to my eyes and I cheered for her the whole way through. 

So, basically...what I'm saying is...



That is all.


  1. This sounds really good and similar to what I am going through! In my thirties, check. Moved where I hardly know anyone, check. However I have kids which makes it easier to meet people but its still hard to find good girl friends!

  2. This sounds hilarious!! I'm adding it to my list now. You're always full of good suggestions. :)

  3. This sounds like a great and funny read! You give great reviews of the books you have read! I have added this to my NOOK, can't wait to see what you review next week!
    Happy Friday

  4. I am so going to read this book. It looks great. In the Kindle it goes!

  5. OH, I really want to read this one!!! I'm adding it to my wishlist now!!!!!

  6. this one is going on my list! hilraious i love :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    happy friday!

  7. This sounds great! I'm actually on a quest to make some new girlfriends this year too, so it's right up my alley- and sounds funny too!

  8. Sounds great, thanks for the recommendation!


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