Dear Gerry Dee:

We've got a problem, buddy. A big one.

A couple of years ago, when The Remix and I moved to Fredericton, we got tickets to see your stand-up show at The Playhouse. You were so funny that I choked a few times. The set you did was hilarious from beginning to end. My favourite parts were when you told stories from when you were a teacher. Although I can't remember any specific details about what you covered, I do remember fearing that I might leave a wet spot on my seat cushion.

So when I saw that you had a new show on CBC called, Mr. D, where you play a teacher in a private school, I immediately set up my PVR to record the series. Last night, The Remix and I watched the first two episodes.

Here's the deal Gerry...something bad has happened.

During your stand-up show, your teaching stories brought tears to my eyes. However, in the TV-show, you're just plain mean. Mean and inappropriate. 

Let me break down for you the things you did that just didn't work:

- Outing a middle-school girl for getting her period MULTIPLE times (This one makes me so mad that my leg is still bouncing as I write this post. Talk about AWFUL)

- Rolling your eyes at a middle-school boy because he has a difficult time reading aloud and then, when another student commends the boy for trying, tell the commender to stop

- Cutting a middle-school girl from the basketball team for being too short - telling her to audition for Annie - but then accepting another shortie

That's just too much for a half-hour show. For every laugh you gave me, a cringe wasn't far behind. I'm all for funny teacher sitcoms but there's a line, Mr. Dee, and you plowed right over it....and then kept driving....like, to China. It's more than possible to be hilarious without being an a-hole and, unfortunately, you're on the wrong sign of that line too. Making kids feel bad about themselves isn't ever going to make me laugh. Not when I see the pained look in their eyes.

Yes, I get that these aren't "real" kids - they're actors - but my point is still the same...it's just NOT FUNNY! Maybe if the school was a high-school setting, it'd be better because the students would be able to put you in your place and not just take your meanie remarks without some snappy come-back. But that's not the case here.

I want to like your show, Gerry. I REALLY DO but you're making it virtually impossible for me. 

So get your shiz together. Stop picking on kids for humour and come up with another way to get a giggle. Hell, I'm cool with you poking fun at the students sometimes but do it in the Teacher's Lounge, not the classroom. I'm going to give you one more try but I'm not terribly hopeful. 

There's no way I'm the only one who feels this way and let's face it, Ger-Ger, you have a Canadian show on a Canadian network, which basically means that you need to get some solid ratings or, as Heidi Klum would say...

Auf Wiedersehen

So work it out, Gerry.



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