Eff, Marry & Kill, 3rd Edition

I love love love hooking up with Heather and Michelle for Eff, Marry & Kill!


This time, I'm doing: Actors Named Ryan


Oh, Ryan Gosling. I've pretty much wanted to eff him since his Breaker High days. For reals. Even back then with his significantly less-buff bod, he was quite eff-able. Then he got all mysterious and super jacked, which upped his eff-ability factor by about a million. Unfortunately, he's a smoker, iiiiiiiiiiiiick, which is why we could never be together for longer than one night. But what a night it would be.


Who knew that TWO hottie CANADIAN actors had the first name, "Ryan?" (Me, I did! haha) I must admit that a little piece of me died when Ryan Reynolds married Scarlett Johansson but I was quite looking forward to seeing their beautiful babies. I mean, come on! Being from that genetic pool would be like winning the hottie lottery. Not only is this Ryan a wonder to look at, though, but he also seems to have an amazing sense of humour. He's played so many roles that show his funny side. Between The Proposal, Just Friends and The Change-Up, I believe he's proved his marry-ability. Plus, he has a dog and I like dogs.


Ryan Phillippe, whatta douche. You know how you can tell when someone's really a douche? When they act like one even when they're not popular. Despite his ridiculous decision to cheat on Reese Witherspoon, arguably the cutest woman on the planet, he's just never done it for me. He basically plays the same character in every movie and that character...is quite often...douchy. I mean, just look at this picture! It's like he's trying to give a smoulderingly sexy stare but all I see is a creep-o. For this, he must die (theoretically).

Thanks for hosting again, ladies!