The Family That Draws Together, Laughs Together

When we moved to our cute little country-ish house, I was psyched to decorate. I love design magazines and the big craze in ole 2010 was chalkboard paint. Click here to read how it all went down. 

I grew up in a skiing family. Every Friday, we'd pile into the car and drive for an hour and a half to get to our ski club. Then, it'd be a mad dash on Sunday to get on the road to avoid as much traffic as possible. I miss those days, so when my family came out for Christmas, I thought I'd try to bring the hills to our home. 

After four days of visitors, here's what our bathroom wall looked like:

There's a racer, ski lift complete with dangling skiier, a kid who forgot to get off (true story, it happened to a kid I was teaching...) and the liftee's lunchbox. The mega-wipe-out is also pretty funny. And accurate. 

 Then there's the liftee at the top taking a snooze, a few snow making machines and a snowboard video shoot on the rail. I was a ski instructor for a while and we'd tell our kiddies to "do their pizza" because a snow plow is also the shape of a slice of pizza. Ingenious, right? I'd also like to point out the mildly illicit snowboarder in the trees (which are magnets). Oh man, my family's hilarious. 

It's time to wash the walls now but this mural turned out so well that I decided it deserved a post. 


  1. Haha that's too funny!!

    Also, confession: I'm not necessarily scared of chalk, but if you were to offer me $1000 to touch it, I'd say no...

  2. That's cute! I like that you have this in your bathroom, lol.

  3. I grew up in a family that skied too! But...water skied. I am actually (sort of) posting about it tonight. Last time I went snow skiing, I ended up in the emergency but I am proud to say that I didn't get red sledded!


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