Mimi: My New Lover

Last year, I got a Rebel T2i and have loved it ever since. My baby brother set me up with a pretty nice package from a fancy camera store in Toronto and it's been really fun learning how to take quality pictures. I usually keep my smaller point-and-shoot on me, in case I run across something when I'm on a field-trip from my house (grocery shopping, for the most part) but there have been times when I wished I had the better camera.

Well those days are over now!

For Christmas, my baby brother got me this amazing Kelly Moore camera bag. The concept of Kelly Moore's camera bags is to have one bag to keep all of your things with your SLR and various lenses - and to have that bag not look like an ugly camera bag. As such, they're all gorgeous but the one I love most is the Mimi and it's changed my life.

The Mimi, in lavender

Okay, so maybe it hasn't changed my life, per say, but it's gorgeous and functional and I can't seem to stop petting it.


See what I mean!

What makes the bag so freaking amazing is that it's fully lined with camera-bag material and it comes with five velcro dividers.

Here it is with my wallet. Upon looking at this picture, it's becoming clear that I may be suffering from a mild Zebra-print addiction.

So now I can take my camera with me and still look cute. Yay!

 All of her bags are awesome and they come in a solid variety of colours. She has videos of each one on her website, where she shoves them full of stuff, so it's easy to get an idea on which bag would be best for you. Plus, she's from the southern USA and has a delightful accent. If you're a budding/avid/wanna-be photographer then I'd highly suggest taking a look at her site (if you haven't already). 





  1. Ohhh pretttyy!!! The wallet is great too!

  2. Well dang girl! If I was a girl I'd buy that purse/camera bag haha you sold me :P it looks cool!

  3. Love love love it! Wish I would have seen this before I got the generic camera bag that I have.


  4. Wow your brother did good. I love that bag - camera bag didn't even enter my realm of possibilities when I saw the first pic. I think I need one.


  5. Yay for southern accents :) What a great idea. I have the same dilemma!


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