The Nail Files: II

This week, on The Nail Files...

The Nail Files

Some of my wonderful girlfriends got me gift certificate for my b-day, which allowed me to purchase this unexpected and super fun new OPI collection. *squeals* I love Nicki Minaj! Two of the polishes I used this week came from this collection.

For my toes: Muppets' Fresh Frog of Bel Air & Nicki's Did It On 'Em. Fingers were Nicki's Metallic 4 Life and Ski Teal We Drop (don't know the collection).

Last week I learned that all of the cool kids were painting one finger differently. It feels good to be part of that crew. I just LOVE the baguette holographic sparkles in Metallic 4 Life but wish there weren't the mini silver sparkles too. Just the baguettes would look better, in my opinion. Ski Teal You Drop reminds me of Russian Navy, but a slightly greener version. It dries way darker than what it looks like in the bottle. Loves.

Toes, however, are magnificent. Did It On 'Em is a fantastic base for the Fresh Frog of Bel Air. Truth be told, my big toe has three coats of the sparkles while the others only have two. It'll be way harder to take it off but I think this is my new sparkle plan. It's nearly blinding in direct sunlight.

I can't wait to check out what everyone else has done!

*starts bloghopping*

Thanks again to Tara and Vicki for hosting!