The Nail Files III

This week, on the Nail Files...

*Law & Order dun dun*

The Nail Files

I was feeling a little blue with all of the white stuff outside so I thought I'd opt for something bright. I rummaged around my polish collection until I found the brightest pink I had. Imagine my delight when I saw it was called Bermuda Shorts.

Done and done.

*imagines walking on a beach*


Here it is: Essie's Bermuda Shorts next to OPI's Divine Swine

The Essie polish is actually a matte. Without a topcoat it's much darker and doesn't wear well (you've been warned). When I added Divine Swine for the accent finger, I just about died. The teeny purple sparkles give off a sugar-plumb sheen, taking the pink to the next level. 

So obviously, I couldn't resist going back and doing all of them. 

I feel just like Jem! Truly Outrageous!

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