The Nail Files IV

This week, on The Nail Files...

The Nail Files

Last week, a friend of mine found this on Pinterest. 

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Being a writer, I fell in love instantly. The directions seemed easy enough: polish nails, dip in vodka, press on newspaper, cover in clear top coat. 

I can do that, right?


Oh, so wrong.

After redoing them MULTIPLE times, this is the best I could do.


They're smudgy. Oh so smudgy! BOOOO!!!

The newsprint was really finicky to work with. If you don't press REALLY hard then you don't get much ink. If you press TOO hard, it smudges. You know, because your nails are wet with vodka. It was pretty much the most frustrating couple of hours ever. Maybe it'd be easier with some help but, frankly, even when I did get a clean transfer, the clear topcoat smudged it anyway.


Has anyone else tried this? Is there a trick I'm missing or something? I'd love to actually have this work out!